Fong Mong Tea-Starter Kit 1 set of *50 ml teacup with logo + 9 types of tea sample*

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Starter Kit:

1 set: 1 cup + 9 types of tea sample

2 sets: 2 cups + 18 types of tea sample

Please select your teas from the following, and leave a note when you pay with PayPal.

1. 3g of Pekoe White Taiwanese White Tea,

X 2. 3g of Pekoe Gold Taiwanese Oriental Beauty Tea, (out of stock)

3. 3g of Gaoshanchi Fushoushan High Mt. Oolong,

4. 6g of Gaoshanqingxiang Lishan High Mt. Oolong, 

5. 6g of Gu Yun 2008 Taiwan Aged High Mt. Tea,

6. 6g of Zhu Lu Alishan High Mt. Oolong,

7. 6g of Jin Zhu Organic High Mt. Oolong,

8. 6g of Alishan Jinxuan Oolong,

9. 6g of Shanlinxi Sun-Link-Sea High Mt. Oolong,

10. 6g of Qing Tian Xiang Medium Dong Ding Oolong,

11. 6g of Tan Xiang Traditional Dong Ding Oolong,

12. 6g of Mi Xiang Bug Bitten Organic Oolong,

13. 6g of Roasted TGY Taiwanese Style Ti Kuan Yin Oolong, 

14. 6g of Tsui Yu Floral Oolong,

15. 6g of Sijichun Fruity Oolong,

16. 6g of Wenshan Baozhong Pou Chong Oolong,

17. 6g of T-18 Organic Ruby #18 (Red Jade) Sun Moon Lake Black Tea,

18. 6g of T-18 Organic Ruby #18 (Red Jade) Sun Moon Lake GABA Black Tea,

19. 6g of Health GABA Taiwan GABA Oolong Tea,

20. 6g of Natural Jasmine Scented Oolong,

21. 6g of Gu Xiang Dong Ding Oolong Tea.

Note: Price charged is based on the shipping cost only. All of the tea samples will be included in the order if the order includes 2 sets.