What is aged tea?

The so-called "old tea or aged tea" refers to the finished product of tea processing, which must be stored for a certain period of time, at least 10 years. In other words, tea must be stored for 10+ years. The accumulation of age is a prerequisite, while the storage environment affecting the tea quality plays a key factor.

According to the history of the development of Taiwanese Tea, from the earliest Qing dynasty, oolong tea (imitating Wuyi Yancha) and flower smoked tea, to the Japan dominated period, strip-like type Pou Chong tea, Tie Kuan Yin, Oriental Beauty tea, black tea, until the period after recovery, the development of Taiwan green tea and hemispherical oolong tea, with a certain age and good storage quality, can be classified as "old tea or aged tea."

Taiwan's old tea is not like Pu'er tea (with a certificate called “內飛” embedded inside the tea cake, which can support the manufacturing date,) and easy to fake, plus quality varies, so that consumers can easily be confused or misleading, relatively causes great pressure for the reviewers.

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Translated and edited by Adm./Fong Mong Tea Corp, all rights reserved. Origin from Tea Research and Extension Station (TRES), Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, Taiwan.


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